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PUR-wasserdichte Kabelanordnung

PUR-wasserdichte Kabelanordnung

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    Modell: CPC 097


Waterproof Spiral Cable
Connector: M8,M12,M16,M19 waterproof connector and so on.
Rating: 80 deg C, 300 Vac, Cable flame.
Conductor Size: 36~16AWG
Conductor Quantity: 2 ~ 50 cores
Insulation Material: PVC, PP, HDPE, XLPE, XLPVC, TPE
Screen Shield: Optional
Jacket Material: Polyurethane PUR
Average thickness: 0.38mm (Ref.)
Minimum thickness: 0.30mm (Ref.)
Dimensions: Detailed coiled dimensions are to be customized per customer's requirement.
Executed Standard: Appliance Wiring Material UL758.
Application: Internal wiring or external interconnection of appliances or electronic equipment.

Other Name of the Cable: Spring cable, Coil cable, PUR cable

Sma Jack Cable Assembly

waterproof cable

Produktgruppe : Kabelkonfektionen > Wasserdichte Kabelkonfektionen

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